Commerical Ovens 

All our commercial ovens  are MADE IN ITALY , with care, using traditional methods and the highest quality, modern refractories and insulators. All our commercial ovens conform to CE registration and are the finest available to the UK market. 

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Our new commercials oven are so unique they are an artisan made oven even in Italy. They are hand made with tradition red bricks using a technique not possible with modular concrete ovens. The floor used is 'Biscotto Sorrento’, which is a special material that maximises heat consistency all day whilst not burning the dough. This cannot be replicated with refractory concrete (despite what some suppliers will say). 

They are available in three sizes, to support the most diverse installation needs and optimising the ratio between volume and cooking capacity:

Rapid Warm Up
With a heat up time of 15-20 mins our oven are amongst the fastest and most energy efficient ovens available. The core pizza dome and floor are can withstand operating temperatures exceeding 1200°C. In a context of daily work requiring an average of 300 - 500°C. Superior Consistent Performance 

The exceptional performing insulation also makes it possible to keep the optimum working temperature, with significant energy savings. Due superior heat retaining properties our pizza ovens will rarely drop below 250°C during it life span, other than for servicing.  The exterior temperature of the oven is around ambient , so it can be overlaid with a plasterboard wall that enhances the appearance of the restaurant interior design. We can offer customised coverings with stainless steel or copper plates, and natural stones mosaics.

FAST Assembly

Dragon Commercial ovens are assembled and operational within 24 hours, so they can be installed in a single day. The oven is lit and running in just 15-20 minutes as its special insulation keeps almost the same  temperature of the evening before. 

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