The Griffin is a great starter portable oven to offer authentic traditional wood-fired brick oven cookery right to anyone anywhere. The Griffin is a light weight and highly maneuverable trailer with a super wood fired oven to match. 

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IMG 8121 IMG 8914 IMG 9049


+ Amazing 700mm or 1000mm commerical wood fired oven ( 1000mm shown in images)
+ High tech Monoblock one piece cook floor
+ Superior insulation 
+ 1390kg overall weight including payload  (750kg on request )
+ Braked Axels as standard
+ Galvanised Chassis
+ Super Strength wheel and tyre combo
+ Optional sink *
+ Optional rear fold up stainless steel table *
+ Optional premium triale clading colours

Each oven is fitted with a top hinged rear lockable door for access to the large storage compartment.

Color Options

Standard colours
+ Black Gloss ( as shown in image)
+ Anthracite Grey Gloss
+ Red Gloss

+ Gold Mirror or brushed
+ Silver Mirror or brushed
+ Copper brushed

*Standard dome colour Light Ivory

*Design subject to minor changes without notification

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