The Phoenix PLUS

The Phoenix Plus is a fantastic catering trailer with huge storage capacity and cargo bay. Making fresh authentic pizza had never being so easy. No need to bring additional prep tables as the Phoenix Plus has a prep area built in. All your pizza equipment can fit on the trailer including  fuel, tools and ingredients. With the Phoenix Plus you can pull up and be preparing your pizza within minutes. The Phoenix Plus is the ideal tool for the mobile pizza chef. 

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IMG 7626 IMG 7619 PizzaPs-140514-01


+ Max capacity 180-200 pizzas per hour
+ 1000mm commerical wood fired oven (upgradable to 1200mm)

+ High tech Monoblock one piece cook floor
+NEW light weight decortive dome
+ Superior commerical grade insulation
+ NEW Hot RIDE Tech 
+ Dual sinks with hot water heater
+ Weight approx. 1200kg
+ Payload a massive 900kg
+ Braked Axels
+ Galvanised Chassis
+ Super Strength wheel and tyre combo
+ Rear fold up table 

Each oven is fitted with a top hinged rear lockable door for access to the
 large storage compartment.  

Orginal concrete decortive dome avaliable on request

Color Options

Standard colours
+ Black Gloss ( as shown in image)
+ Anthracite Grey Gloss
+ Red Gloss
+ Light Ivory

+ Gold Mirror or brushed
+ Silver Mirror or brushed
+ Copper brushed

*Standard dome colour Light Ivory
**Special dome colours on request

*Design subject to minor changes without notification

Premium Upgrades

+ 12v Led Illumination pack
+ Intergrated refridgeration 
+ ECO smart hot water
+ Premium Cladding - Silver Mirrior/Brushed, Gold Mirror/brushed or Copper Brushed

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