Traditional Pizza Dough 

+ Natural Water
+ Soft wheat flour of medium strength
+ Sea Salt
+ Fresh or natural brewers yeast.

Product Method using 1 litre of water
1.) Melt 50-55g of salt in the water in side the mixer of bowl. Leave for one minute.
2.) Add 3-4g of yeast and mix.
3.) Add 1.7kg - 1.8kg of flour to the mixing kneader machine. Knead using the machine or by hand for 12-14 minutes at a slow speed.
4.)When it reached the desired consistency (point of fresh pasta) let it rest for 20mins. Covering with a damp cloth.
5.) Divide the dough mix into small dough balls of around 180-225g balls depending on the size of pizza you are making. Shape each dough ball by hand. Place dough balls onto floured tray or dough box. 
6.) Cover with damp cloth or lid and leave to rise for 8-12 a temperature 0f 25 degrees C.
7.) After rising time is over the dough will be ready to work by hand as per the Neapolitan tradition. 

Rosemary Garlic Bread


  • Pizza dough balls each @ 160-200g
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • 20-30 cloves of garlic
  • Pack of rock salt
  • Fresh cut rosemary
  • Semolina


  • Wood fired oven by Dragon Ovens
  • Garlic crusher
  • Pasting brush
  • Pizza peel by Dragon Ovens



Step 1
Crush 20-30 cloves of garlic into 250ml of extra virgin olive oil. 
TIP: Using a  garlic crusher is far more effective than simply chopping. The crusher will release more flavor into the oil.  

Step 2
Leave for 24hrs for the garlic and oil to infuse with flavor. Can be used immediately but will not be quite so flavorsome. 

Step 3 
After 24-48hrs, the oil is ready to use. If keep in the fridge the oil will solidify and the mix will resemble a butter like consistency. Ready to use. 


Step 4 
Prepare your pizza dough as normal. Ensure you use good quality flour, preferably Caputo 00. See Dragon ovens pizza dough recipe for more extensive details on how to make the finest pizza dough.


Step 5
Roll out a 160-200g dough ball depending on the size of the garlic bread you wish to make. Ensure you sprinkle the preparation top with semolina.
TIP: the semolina will act like tiny ball bearings under the pizza dough. It will help the pizza base to slide on and off the peel without sticking.

Step 6
Using your fingers indent the rolled out base with finger size inverted pimples. These will help retain the oil when cooking. 

Step 7 
Using a pasting brush, apply a generous helping of your home made garlic oil. Ensure you leave 15mm of clean dough around the edge.

Step 8 
Sprinkle 1-2 pinches of rock salt evenly across the pizza base. 

Step 9
Tear off refresh rosemary and sprinkle across the pizza bread. Do not use dried rosemary as this will burn in your wood fired oven. 
TIP: Fresh rosemary is far more tasty than the packet type bought from your regular supermarket. Rosemary is extremely easy to grow in any garden all year round. 

Clean and dry your Dragon Oven pizza peel to ensure the dough does not stick. Pickup the dough and slide into the oven. 

Step 11
Cook in the oven at approximately 400 degrees C for 90 seconds. Turn frequently to ensure dough rises evenly to a golden brown colour. 

Step 12
Remove from your Dragon oven, cut and serve. 

Simple and delicious!!!

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