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eco 2

SMART ECO WATER - Dragon Ovens are proud to introduce our SMART ECO WATER upgrade available on all of our portable and trailer based pizza ovens. An essential for every mobile catering and commercial kitchen is to have a source of hot water and hand wash facility.  Smart hot water delivers this without the need for any other power source other than your wood fired oven.

Dragon Ovens have developed a very effective method of collecting hot water from the immense heat in the oven and delivering it to the sinks or holding tank.

No more need for heavy duty generators or ugly looking water boilers. All your hand wash hot water supply direct form the heat of the pizza oven.

                                                     More details and downloads Coming soon. 

hot ride

HOT RIDE - only from Dragon Ovens.  An adavanced system designed to protect every wood fired pizza oven form the rigours of the road.  Our system consists of cleverly engineerd damping elements with a purpose built trailer supension arrangent. Collectively targeted at  reducing the vibration caused from regular road use, whilst maintaning maximum defence against heat loss. The hot ride system ensures the longevity and perfromace of every wood fired pizza oven produced by Dragon Ovens. 
More details and downloads Coming soon.

legra dome

LEGRA DOME  - only from Dragon Ovens. Stronger - faster - lighter.  Each LEGRA DOME has been hand made from advanced composite and fibre glass material to ensure the longetivey and wonderful appearance of every wood oven it protects.  Weighing only 22kg the LEGRA DOME saves upto 300kg of unnecessary bulk found on most concrete decorative dome structures, increasing fuel economy and manoeuvrability. Any LEGRA DOME is free from maintenance other than your daily clean at end of service.
More details and downloads Coming soon.

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