Starting a Business

Health and Safety

Health and safety is one of, if not the most important factor when setting up any business. It is especially essential when stetting up your mobile pizza oven business, making sure you are nice and safe as well to comply with all regulations and requirements. Click for rough guide to street trading "health and safety" >>>

Essential record keeping

There are a range of records which must be kept by all businesses employing staff. Some records are only required by law if you employ five or more staff. However, it is good practice where your running a wood fired oven business or not, to keep records relating to all aspects of health and safety in your business. This is largely as a safeguard for you so that in the event of anything going wrong you can prove that you have been doing what you should have been doing.Click for a guide and check list on "Essential Record Keeping" >>>

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a step by step process which is used to manage hazards from work activities. It involves looking at the hazards that exist and considering safer ways of working. It is a continuous process which should be regularly reviewed and adapted to changes in the workplace.Click for a guide and check list on "Risk Assessment"

Slips, trips and falls

Slips, trips and falls are the most common type of workplace accident and often the easiest to prevent. Accidents may seem trivial in nature but often have devastating consequences for both the injured party and for businesses that may be subject to compensation claims and time lost at work. Click for a guide and check list on "Slips Trips & Falls" >>>

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