Oven Technology

Pre made pizza oven

Dragon Oven trailers have exclusive access to a fantastic range of wood burning and gas fired pizza ovens from the worlds premier wood fire oven producers. Being unmatched on performance and build durability, the quality of these wood fired ovens speak for them selves. Our range of pizza ovens have been successfully installed around the world in homes, restaurants an mobile catering units alike.

Cooking Requirement
The best place to start the hunt for your ideal authentic oven is to decide what you want to cook. Many ovens claim to be the best or most authentic wood fired oven, the truth being, differing ovens perform with differing results depending on what you want to cook. You can cook quite literally any thing you can get through the mouth of a wood fired oven. What you can and how much variety of cooking will depend on the quality of oven built. Dragon Ovens wood fired ovens are built with no compromise on materials or method of construction. Thus ensuring the full variety of cooking at maximum capacity. Dragon ovens are able to be fired up and ready for cooking in as little as 20 minutes, whilst maximum heat retention ensures baking temperatures up to 2 days after the fire is out. In addition Dragon wood fired ovens are able to smoke all kinds of meat and fish.

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Which Size Oven?

Choosing the correct cook floor size is essential for your new business and type of catering trailer you are going to operate. Too small and you might miss out on lost revenue. Research your target market to best decide on what capacity you might need. We are always available to help you decide on which option may be best and guide you through the process of choosing which trailer. 

Wood vs Gas? or both?

Customer demand for authentic true wood-fired pizza is growing fast. A true wood-fired brick oven adds character charm and a very unique selling point to any trailer or catering event. Adding LPG burners are a great way to effortlessly heat up the oven and help maintain the oven temperature during high capacity. All our trailers are designed to easily receive the gas assistance option.

Our ovens are available in two different inner aesthetic forms - a refractory concrete finish or a fire brick layer. 

Refractory Concrete
The "chamotte" refractory rock mixed with alumina-fortified cement and reinforced with metal fibres constitutes the base of our refractory concrete. The concrete withstands temperature of over 1250°C and the metal fibres woven into its construction, helping to prevent cracking and fissures.

Our brick ovens are lined with strong firebrick for extra resistance to thermal shock and extra aesthetic appeal. Each brick lined oven is preliminary built from the above refractory concrete and assumes all it's characteristic strengths. 

How We Compare

Supply Your Own Oven
We are more than happy to build a custom trailer to your design using a wood fired oven that you supply. However, there are a great number of ovens/manufacturers in the UK that claim to be of good quality and performance. Unfortunately most of the ovens use inferior materials that do not stand up to regular use let alone the strain of  a mobile catering unit. Please feel free contact us if you have an oven you wish to use, so we can verify its suitability. We are proud to be the exclusive  importers of the only ovens in the world specifically designed for a mobile unit.  

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